Calgary Search Engine Optimization

While Google is supposedly in decline, it is still around two thirds of internet traffic, so Calgary SEO services are a must to stay in the race when it comes to search engine traffic. This is less than the 80-90% of web traffic it carried years ago, and around 25% of all North American internet traffic passed through Google’s servers in 2013.

Google has revamped its rankings many times. Ratings used to factor links to the site much more, but backlinking in comments on some sites and link sharing with others led to that getting downgraded. Link farmers and link traders were penalized in the Cassandra update in 2003.

Search results started to be personalized in 2005 and continued to do so through 2010, providing more technical results to engineers and showing new more related to the news sites someone had been recently viewing.

SEO Changes Google Didn’t Make:

The Google Panda update in 2011 penalized keyword stuffing. Putting the same key word in 10% of the text no longer got your site higher in the ratings than a page that had the key word 3% of the time. Likewise, having the same page rewritten five times on the site didn’t get you higher results in the search queries. Lacing the keyword in the description and tags no longer upped your results if they were unrelated to the actual content, though a Calgary SEO services firm like Think Tank SEO can help make sure that the webpage description does correlate to the actual webpage’s content and maximize its benefit to your SEO strategy.

The Panda update included tweaks to push up the value of sites that promoted themselves on social media and users who went to websites from social media sites. This has what has driven many companies to have a social media presence on sites like Facebook, Linkedin and Reddit. Not only is having a social media presence another way to promote your products and interact with customers, but a well thought out social media strategy can improve your Google rankings.

The Google Penguin update in 2012 penalizes sites that have what it considers web spam. If there are web spam links to your site, your search results ranking tanks. You may need to work with an SEO professional to find these “spammy” links and clean them up, such as when they were put in place by a prior marketing professional working when that actually helped. Or you may need to use the Google disavow tool to denounce the links; this is a valid solution if your rivals may have pasted your link in bad reviews across many sites, both giving you bad online press and hurting your Google rankings.

In 2013, Google started penalizing guest blogging because it appeared to be the latest version of link-trading. While guest blogging can be a great way to generate extra revenue from sharing affiliate link sales, it may also be used to provide each company’s marketing department the ability to publish rewritten ad copy and post the link for the company on the other party’s site. While guest blogging may generate new content and a stream of visitors from the other blogger’s site, after late 2013, this practice now hurts the rankings for your site in Google searches. If you’ve been relying on guest blogging to keep your content fresh (and thus high in the rankings per the 2010 and later updates), talk to a Calgary SEO services team before it hurts your current search rankings.

The 2015 proposals are unnerving to some, exciting to others. Google has suggested ranking websites based on the truthiness of the site. The algorithm change would parse out the facts in the site and measure the trustworthiness of each. Publish a lot of content that it considers “untruthful”, and your website’s ranking go down. This won’t just hit those selling homeopathic cures and fact-free news stories. It could also penalize websites that publish news and research that is politically incorrect, like debating the human contribution to global warming which Google doesn’t consider questionable, having fan forums full of politically incorrect viewpoints pulling down your book’s website or simply a web page that has consistently garnered views due to its click-bait marketing techniques to date. Have your site’s content, both professional generated and user created, reviewed by an SEO expert to make sure your fans aren’t preventing future customers from finding you.

Many people look to search engines to find answers. Need help writing a CV? Google it! Need directions to a meeting? Google Search! Want the stock quotes for your client? Perhaps you could try Bing. In today’s work, search engines are used in businesses everyday. However, many people do not know how to optimize for search engine results. This is why companies like Calgary SEO are in the business of search engine optimization.